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My Growing Belly Maternity Photos – Frisco TX Photographer

 Here we are………just days away from meeting out little man.

I can’t believe how fast its flown by.  I can now count the days until we meet him on 1 hand.  I’m trying my best to slow down and cherish every moment, every hiccup, every kick. My heart is full of excitement and my eyes tear up easily as I think about what a blessing this pregnancy has been and how precious the 1st time we hold him will be.

We can’t wait to see his sweet baby chubs (yep he’s going to be a big guy) and how much he looks like his daddy. From his sonogram pictures they look like twins. It makes me giggle!

A little while back we headed to Colorado for our baby moon. For those of you who know me know I dream of living a simple life with my growing family and tons of animals tucked away in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. This was our 1st time visiting but I knew it was a place my heart would feel at home and boy did it! I’ve never been so relaxed and at peace. Kent and I have travel a lot in our 13 years together but we both agree that Colorado is one of our top trips. In fact we have plans to road trip it back next summer with baby Weston and the pets in tow.

During our stay in the mountains we shot our maternity photos. I’ve been excited to share them with you!

























Such a special trip! A celebration of love for each other and the growing baby boy in my tummy.

I would love to book a few sessions during our trip next summer. I had a blast shooting while we were there and would love to work with a few local families during our stay. If you live in the Colorado area keep me in mind. I’ll be planning sessions towards the end of winter!

Tips for Taking Better Back to School Pictures

Fall is right around the corner, teachers are getting ready to crawl back into their teaching hole and kiddos are stocking up on school supplies. This can only mean a new school year is upon us!  Oh the 1st days of school. I still remember them like they were yesterday. Don’t you?

What am I going to wear?
Wonder who I’m sitting next to in class?
I’m nervous!
Eeeek I’m excited!
Does Billy have the same lunch time as me?
Is this seat taken?
Is Sally going to be in my class?
I forgot my lunch!
I must have a pink backpack with purple stripes
I hope I get Mrs. Polly! I hear she lets you have a longer recess!
Yea school supplies!

All the excitement and emotions centered around the big day!

As parents you want you want your little one to have the best school year full of leaning with a side of fun and of course you want to document and remember that very special 1st day! Am I right?
Well today’s post is just for you. Here are a few simple tips to help you take better back to school photos!

Meet Brady

Our fun loving, always on the go, genius (no really he is) border collie. You may remember him from this post. Yep he’s still a handful but we sure do love him! Brady has graciously offered to help us with today’s post. I may or may not have told him treats were involved!




Tip 1: Plan in Advance – There’s so much going on the morning of the 1st day of school. Lunches and backpacks to packed, sleepy kids to wake up and get dressed. Help yourself by planning in advance! Take back to school photos the weekend before the big day so you can make it a fun relaxing event! Your little one can do a test run with his/her 1st day of school look and you can make it something they look forward to verses something you need to sneak in the morning of. If taking back to school photos the weekend before is not possible get backpacks and lunches ready the night before and get up early so you have photos time set aside the morning of.

Tip 2: Location- In front of the house is fine but if you plan to take my advice from the 1st tip you’ll have time to find a fun location for your back to school photos. This spot is right around the corner from my house and I had no idea. I put my little “back to schooler” in the car and headed out for an adventure.

Here are some things to look for when picking a location:
-Texture (brick walls, parks with leaves and tall trees, wood fences, metal, fields full of wheat or tall grass)
-Colorful painted doors
- Iron work

Most of these can be found right in your neighborhood! Also check out property around local schools, library’s, and shopping centers! My suggestion is to pick 1 location that offers a few different looks and stick with it!




Tips 3: Props- Look for things you already have on hand! No need to run out and buy a bunch of stuff! I just grabbed and apple and a blank chalk board as we were heading out the door. Keep it simple!
-A globe
-Composition notebook
-Mini chalkboard
-Lunch box
-Their favorite toy
-Don’t forget that new backpack!



Chalkboards are a fun prop that add a little personality to your back to school photos!
Ideas for things to write on your chalkboard:
-The date and grade they are entering
-Their teacher’s name
-How they feel about the 1st day
-Their favorite thing to do in school
-Favorite book
-What they like to take for lunch or eat for snack
-What they want to be when they grown up


Brady didn’t have a lunch box to showoff but he wanted to get a picture with his favorite snack!


I always love a cute backpack shoot especially the ones where their back back is bigger than them……precious!




Tip 4: The Close Up- We love to capture their 1st day of school outfit but be sure to get a few close ups in as well. You’ll want to remember those freckles, curls, and missing teeth or in Brady’s case his flop ear, wet nose, and amber eyes!


Along with the close up shots don’t forget to shoot the details! Brady is channeling his inner E.T in the photo below. Come on, you know that scene where they dress E.T. in street clothes! Do ya see it now?




Tip 4: Keep it Simple Keep it Fun-  If you plan to shoot your back to school photos in advance you’ll have time to let loose and have a some fun once the photos are over! Be sure to bring a change of clothes so the beloved back to school outfit stays safe! Brady had a blast running around the playground after we finished his photos but there are tons of other things you can do to make this tradition special for your back to schooler. Get creative but most of all keep the photos and the experience simple!



Fall Foliage Family Session – McKinney TX Family Photographer


Does this not look like one of those photos that comes in a new frame? Right, RIIIIGHT? The outfits, the location, the expressions. I love it!

Sweet inside story: I received an email from the proud papa pictured above around Mother’s Day. Little Lee had grown like a weed and I had not seen them since their newborn session. Lee’s dad knew how much his wife loved their newborn photos and wanted to do something special for his wife for Mother’s Day. He reached out and booked a fall family session for his wife’s Mother’s Day gift. How precious is that? I thought it was the sweetest thing!
Guys if you’re reading take note! A gift card for a family session may win you a few brownie points!

 I loved receiving his email and was beyond excited to see this sweet family again and of course I couldn’t wait to see how much Lee had grown over the last year!





 Isn’t Lee the perfect mixture of Mom and dad? Umm and look at his shoes……oh the cuteness!









 Hi buddy!


 They nailed their outfits! Perfect mixture of color, print and texture!
3 of the wardrobe guidelines I go over with my clients during our pre session meeting! Clothing is such an important factor in your photos and really helps to pull everything together!



Love looking back and seeing how my kiddo clients grow and change over the years. I’m blessed to have such great relationships with the families I work with. Many of them I get to document several times a year!
Look at Lee when he was just a few days old! Same adorable button nose, fluffy cheeks and pouty lips. I can still remember snuggling him during his newborn session and now look at him! The 1st year goes by so fast!