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Fall Foliage Family Session – McKinney TX Family Photographer


Does this not look like one of those photos that comes in a new frame? Right, RIIIIGHT? The outfits, the location, the expressions. I love it!

Sweet inside story: I received an email from the proud papa pictured above around Mother’s Day. Little Lee had grown like a weed and I had not seen them since their newborn session. Lee’s dad knew how much his wife loved their newborn photos and wanted to do something special for his wife for Mother’s Day. He reached out and booked a fall family session for his wife’s Mother’s Day gift. How precious is that? I thought it was the sweetest thing!
Guys if you’re reading take note! A gift card for a family session may win you a few brownie points!

 I loved receiving his email and was beyond excited to see this sweet family again and of course I couldn’t wait to see how much Lee had grown over the last year!





 Isn’t Lee the perfect mixture of Mom and dad? Umm and look at his shoes……oh the cuteness!









 Hi buddy!


 They nailed their outfits! Perfect mixture of color, print and texture!
3 of the wardrobe guidelines I go over with my clients during our pre session meeting! Clothing is such an important factor in your photos and really helps to pull everything together!



Love looking back and seeing how my kiddo clients grow and change over the years. I’m blessed to have such great relationships with the families I work with. Many of them I get to document several times a year!
Look at Lee when he was just a few days old! Same adorable button nose, fluffy cheeks and pouty lips. I can still remember snuggling him during his newborn session and now look at him! The 1st year goes by so fast!


I’m Still Here – Frisco Family Photographer




Oh goodness me where has the time gone! It’s been 4 months since my last post!

I just can’t seem to keep up with this ol’ blog. I actually feel really bad for it. As if it was a real person with emotions. I feel like I should give it a big hug, apologize, and take it out for a cup of coffee. I know I’m weird!  When things get busy this little guy is first thing that gets tossed to the wayside (sorry blog). To be fair no matter how busy I am I always find time for bubble baths, daydreaming, and long coffee breaks. Maybe I should install a tub and a coffee bar in my office. Yeahhhhh I think I’m onto something!

 So here I am AGAIN, ideas spinning though my mind of post I want to write, things I want to document, and tons of precious sessions I want to share.

I have a list and a plan!
Oh yes I’m the queen of lists! Sometimes they are golden and I stick to them. Other times I have the best intentions but get distracted by things like a beautiful field full of golden wheat. I stop to enjoy the field and before I know it I’ve lost my list my camera has somehow ended up in my hand and I’m crouched down snapping photos of the beauty in front of me. No matter the amount of distractions I always seem to find my way back to my prized list which shows me that it’s important to me! It’s the list that outlines my goal to get this blog caught up and running!

So bear with me.
I’m growing a baby (I’m currently 9months pregnant eeekkk)
I will soon be learning how to work, mother, and love all at the same time.
I’m the star of a 1 woman show titled “Kendra Pryor Photography”
And well, there are always fields full of wheat to distract me but I have BIG plans to take you along for the journey.

Texas Bluebonnets – Dallas TX Photographer

My hubby and I love road trips. We chat, listen to good tunes, and enjoy each other’s company. Some of my favorite memories are of us hitting the road and taking in the sights.

  I happened to have a shoot free evening and the weather was beautiful so we decided on a little impromptu road trip out to Ennis, TX to check out the bluebonnet trails. We were also celebrating our 20th week of pregnancy which means we’ve made it to the 1/2 way mark and decided to snap a few 20 week shots in the bluebonnets! If you would like to keep up with our Bump Watch post I post them over on our personal blog. You can find it HERE.

The trip out to Ennis was full of twist, turns, stay dogs, old houses full of character, and tons of pretty TX country sights!


Yummy sunset light and our beautiful state flower!



Isn’t he so cute? I sure do love him!





We’re getting pretty good at mastering the ol’ tripod shots! It’s not easy and it’s hard to be creative but eh it works for a quick snap!

If you live in the DFW area I recommend the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails! It kind of a crazy drive but it’s worth it! Take the kiddos and pack a picnic lunch.